Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Have Your Students Collaboratively Create Books With Boom Writer

Boom Writer is a service designed to encourage kids to do their best writing and share it with each other to create a small book. Boom Writer provides a "starter chapter" for a story and students continue the story by writing additional chapters. Students submit their chapters to the group. After all of the chapters are submitted (anonymously), the class votes anonymously for their favorite entries.  The chapters receiving the most votes make it into a book that students, teachers, and parents can choose to have published by Boom Writer.

Applications for Education
Here's how Boom Writer works in schools, teachers register their classes and then their students can contribute to one project. Teachers can oversee each student's writing, comment, and edit each student's work. When all of the students have written their contributions the class reads the submissions and votes. The names of the writers aren't revealed until after the voting, thereby eliminating any "classroom politics" that could happen in the voting stage. Read a case study about using Boom Writer in schools here. Read a sample Boom Writer book here.