Monday, January 6, 2014

Mission U.S. Expands to Offer Another Interactive Journey Through American History

Mission U.S. is a popular series of educational games about U.S. History. Thanks to Larry Ferlazzo I just learned that the latest installment of Mission U.S. is now available. The latest installment is titled A Cheyenne Odyssey.

A Cheyenne Odyssey focuses on Northern Cheyenne life in 1866 through 1876. A brief prologue introduces the era and a short epilogue continues the story into the 20th Century. In the game students take on the role of a young Northern Cheyenne boy named Little Fox. Throughout the game Little Fox has to make choices that can impact his future. As students move through the game there are moments that get paused to allow students to read and learn about how Northern Cheyenne life was impacted by westward expansion of the United States.

Applications for Education
The Mission U.S. games are available to use in a web browser. The games are also available as Android and iPad apps. The Mission U.S. website offers an educators section that includes printable lists of vocabulary terms, writing prompts, and post-game discussion prompts.