Thursday, February 6, 2014

Visit The Morgan Library Online to See the Notes & Sketches of Famous Authors and Artists

The Morgan Library & Museum's online offerings include more than 30 collections of sketches, notes, and photographs from famous authors and artists. One of my favorite collections offered online by The Morgan Library & Museum is Mark Twain: A Skeptic's Progress.

Mark Twain: A Skeptic's Progress is a collection of Twain's handwritten letters, sketches, and story drafts. All twenty-two of those items are displayed in a viewer that will allow you to zoom in and see the detail on each piece of paper. The online exhibit also includes a collection of photographs of Twain at home.

Applications for Education
Before, after, or while they are working their way through Huckleberry Finn or Tom Sawyer have your students explore Mark Twain: A Skeptic's Progress to help them understand Mark Twain's way of thinking and how that influenced his writing.