Monday, March 31, 2014

Browse Data Sets and Data Visualizations on is a community site for sharing data visualizations. Anyone can upload their data visualizations to the public gallery. The public gallery is divided into sixteen categories covering topics in health, science, government, economics, and education. Visualizations in the gallery can be downloaded, printed, and or embedded into your blog or website. Some of the visualizations in the gallery, such as this one embedded below, are interactive.

In addition to the galleries of data visualizations, offers data sets that you can download to use in the creation of your own data visualizations. There are data sets available on topics in economics, environment, health, energy, society, and demographics.

Applications for Education could be a good place to find infographics to use at the start of a research activity. For example, take the infographic embedded above and ask students to research the causes of and impact of high obesity rates on communities.