Thursday, March 20, 2014

Class Charts Helps You Create Seating Plans Based on Behavior Reports

Class Charts, a free service for creating online seating charts and behavior charts and reports, recently added a fantastic new feature. The latest feature uses an Artificial Intelligence Engine which uses student behavior profiles to automatically create seating charts which are optimized to minimize negative behaviors and disruptions. Learn more about this feature in the video below.

If the AI seating chart option isn't for you, you can still create charts manually. Your charts can be arranged in a "seating" format that shows seat placement or you can use a list view. You can use students' real pictures in your charts or you can use one of the avatar images in your charts. Now you can flip the charts to display the students' perspective on a whiteboard. Class Charts allows for sharing of attendance and behavior data with parents and students. You can share your narrative comments too.

Disclosure: Class Charts is a current advertiser on Free Technology for Teachers.