Sunday, March 30, 2014

Four Sources of Print-on-demand Graph Paper

Every mathematics teacher I know needs graph paper. If you're a mathematics teacher and find yourself running short on graph paper or you need a graph paper that is different from what your school purchases, try one of these four places for printing graph paper.

Incompetech offers more than forty different graph and lined paper templates. The offerings from Incompetech even includes sheet music ledger.

Print Free Graph Paper offers eight graph paper formats. Print Free Graph Paper allows you to customize the size of the graph before printing.

Math Drills hosts fourteen templates for printing your own graph paper. The templates are in metric and imperial measurements.

Gridzzly is a free tool for designing lined, grid, and graph paper. Simply open the site, select the format for your paper (dots, lines, squares, or hexagons) then choose the spacing for the paper and print it. A ruler at the top of the page indicates the spacing of the dots, lines, squares, or hexagons on your page.

H/T to Lifehacker for Griddzly.