Thursday, March 27, 2014

Gooru Adds a Collaboration Option for Building Resource Collections With Your Colleagues

Gooru is a service designed to help teachers create and share collections of educational videos, texts, and images. This week Gooru released a few new features that you could find helpful in building your collections. First, Gooru now allows you to collaborate on collections with up to twenty of your colleagues. Simply invite them by email while you're working on a collection and they can start adding materials to the collection. Click here to learn more about collaborating on Gooru collections.

The second Gooru update of note is a new folders tool for organizing multiple collections into one folder. The third update to note is an updated standards library. The Gooru standards library contains collections of materials aligned to the Common Core math standards for grades five through twelve.

Applications for Education
As a teacher on Gooru you can create collections, add text narration to each element in the collection, create quiz questions about items in your collections, and share your collections with students either publicly or privately. Being able to add quiz questions for students to answer as they go through one of the collections you've created is the feature of Gooru that I like best. By having students answer as they go through the collection I can get a sense of what I need to spend more or less time covering in my classroom.