Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sports Science - Baseball

Spring will be here soon. With spring comes the beginning of a new baseball season for Little Leaguers, high school players, and pros. This is a good time to take a look at the science of the sport.

Exploratorium has a little feature called the Science of Baseball. The Science of Baseball is a bit dated in its looks, but it still has some nice resources that can help students understand how a bit of science and mathematics is involved in the game. The Science of Baseball includes video and audio clips of baseball players and scientists explaining how the weather affects the flight of the ball, the physics of various pitches, and reaction times to thrown and batted baseballs.

ESPN's Sport Science has a handful of little resources about the science of baseball. Currently featured on ESPN's homepage is a Anatomy of a Pitch. In Anatomy of a Pitch seven pitchers from the Arizona Diamondbacks explain how they throw their signature pitches. Each explanation includes slow motion footage and the pitchers explaining the release points, finger positionings, leg uses, and rotations involved in each their pitches.

Sport Science also offers a small collection of videos explaining things like reaction times involved in baseball.