Monday, April 28, 2014 - Registration-free Video Conferencing is a free video conferencing service that I recently learned about from Ana Maria Menezes. allows you to create a video conference room without registering for any kind of account. Your video conference room can accommodate up to eight people.

To create your room just go to, pick a room name, and grant access to your webcam. will give you a URL for your conference room. Share that URL with the people that you want to join you in your video conference. If you want to save your room to re-use on multiple occasions, you can enter your email address and choose a password to lock and save your room. Locking your room prevents people from using it when you're not in it. does not require the installation of anything. It will work in Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. does not require Javascript so it will work on Chromebooks.

Applications for Education could be a great tool for hosting online tutoring sessions, bringing guest speakers into your classroom, or hosting online meetings with colleagues. The registration-free and installation-free aspect of makes it easy to get your web conference started quickly.