Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Internet Domain Names and the role of ICANN - A C-SPAN Lesson

C-SPAN Classroom is one of the must-bookmark sites that I frequently recommend to social studies teachers in the United States. One of the features of C-SPAN Classroom that I particularly like is the Bell Ringer category of activities. Bell Ringers are short videos about contemporary issues in government, politics, and business. Each Bell Ringer video is accompanied by a list of key vocabulary terms and a list of discussion questions to use in your classroom.

One the latest Bell Ringers on C-SPAN Classroom is Internet Domain Names and the role of ICANN. This Bell Ringer activity focuses on the role of ICANN in the assignment of domain names and its relationship with the government.

While students may not need to know all of the intricacies of  ICANN and how the Internet works, it is good for them to have a basic understanding of the framework that powers an integral part of their academic and social lives. Internet Domain Names and the role of ICANN offers a good introduction to those basics.