Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lingua.ly Releases a Mobile App for Learning a New Language

Lingua.ly is a free language learning service that initially launched as a Chrome app. This week Lingua.ly released an Android app (iOS coming soon) to help you learn a new language. The Lingua.ly mobile app creates flashcard activities based on the words that you select. To get started select the language that you're studying (Lingua.ly supports 20 languages) then enter words by typing them or pasting them into your account. After entering your words Lingua.ly creates flashcards with pictures. The app will read the words to you. After studying your flashcards Lingua.ly will search for web articles that utilize the words you're learning.

The Lingua.ly Chrome extension allows you to double-click on on any word in a webpage to hear it pronounced, read a translation, and read a definition. The words that you double-click are added to your Lingualy account where you can review them in a quiz format.

H/T to TechCrunch