Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Student AR - A Great New Assessment Tool

From Aurasma to Google Glass, augmented reality tools are all around us. Although I've had an invitation to buy Google Glass, I haven't been convinced that it is a good use of my money until today. Student AR is a new augmented reality application that works in Google Glass. The app allows you to simply look at a student, snap a picture, and record an observation about that student's behavior. All of your observations can be synced to your ClassCharts, ClassDojo, or Edmodo account where students and their parents can access all of your observations.

Applications for Education
The most outstanding feature of Student AR is that through the use of augmented reality you no longer have to actually read a student's paper or pay attention while watching his slideshow presentation. By simply looking through your Google Glass while using Student AR your students' work is automatically graded according to a rubric released today by the Common Core in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Education with funding from Bill and Melinda Gates in consultation with Salman Khan. Click here to read the official press release about Student AR.

Update at 2:50pm EST: This was an April Fool's Day joke. Like many others, I like to have a little fun on this day. While this was done for fun, April Fool's Day jokes like this one and the numerous ones that Google releases do provide material for teaching students to be critical evaluators of the things they find online.