Saturday, May 3, 2014

Animoto Now Offers an iPad App

This week Animoto, my "old and reliable" video creation tool, released a new iPad app. Animoto has offered an iOS app for years, but it wasn't optimized for iPad use. The new Animoto iPad app is optimized for iPad use and brings with it all of the great features that I love about Animoto. Just like on the web version of Animoto, on the iPad app you simply select pictures to use in your video then add a sound track to them. If you want to add a some text, you can do that too.

Animoto allows you to create 30 second videos for free. To create longer videos you should register for a free Animoto for Education classroom account.

Applications for Education
Animoto lies somewhere between a PowerPoint presentation and a full-fledged video is the audio slideshow. Creating audio slideshows can be a good way to add meaning to slides that otherwise might not mean much without a presenter.