Thursday, May 29, 2014

ParticiPoll - Add Interactive Polls to PowerPoint

ParticiPoll is a service that you can use to add interactive polls to your PowerPoint presentations. Your polls are created and delivered within your PowerPoint slides. Once you've added ParticiPoll to your PowerPoint you can create as many polls as you like. Each poll can have up to six response options. The best aspect of ParticiPoll is that you don't have to leave your slidedeck at all in order to administer the poll and see the results of your poll.

Your audience can respond to your ParticiPoll poll through their cell phones, tablets, or laptops. To respond they simply go to the URL for your poll and choose a response. When you want to display the poll results you just click to the next element in your PowerPoint slidedeck and the results are displayed for all to see. All polls are anonymous.

Watch the video below for a complete overview of ParticiPoll. - Free Audience Polling for PowerPoint from ParticiPoll on Vimeo.

ParticiPoll's free plan allows you to create and deliver as many polls as you like. The paid plans allow you to collect audience comments and to keep a history of poll results.

Applications for Education
The market for audience polling tools is a crowded one with Socrative, Infuse Learning, and Kahoot getting most of the attention in the K-12 market. The one thing that ParticiPoll offers that could make it appealing to some teachers is that you don't have to leave your slidedeck in order to administer a poll. If you use PowerPoint you might consider using ParticiPoll to include some simple "do you get it" questions after every few slides.