Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Lingua.ly Moves to a Website-based Model for Learning a Language

Lingua.ly is a free service that is designed to help its users learn a new language while browsing the web. The service initially launched as a Chrome extension then added an Android app. The latest update to the service moves the service into a website-based model.

While using the Lingua.ly Chrome extension anytime that you come across a new word you can double-click on it to hear it pronounced, read a translation, and read a definition. The words that you double-click are added to your Lingua.ly account where you can review them in a quiz format.

The new Lingua.ly web app gives you the option add words from reading suggestions or manually enter words to study. The web app contains a game aspect that features weekly leader boards and points for different behaviors. Users can earn points for things like for looking up a word from a reading suggestions and for successful practice completion.

Watch a short overview of Lingualy in the video below.

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