Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Padlet Mini Offers a New Way to Organize and Share Bookmarks

Padlet is one of my favorite tools for hosting brainstorming sessions, collecting exit ticket information, and creating collaborative KWL charts. I often use it in my workshops to create a place for participants to share the things that they are creating.

This week Padlet released a new tool called Padlet Mini. Padlet Mini is a Chrome extension that you can use to bookmark websites. When you click the Padlet Mini extension in your browser you will be presented with the option to save to one of your existing walls or create a new Padlet wall.

Applications for Education
Padlet Mini will be perfect for one of my favorite uses of Padlet. That is to have students share links to interesting pages, pictures, and videos that they find about a topic that we are studying in class. I typically give students 15-25 minutes in class to find and share. When time is up we have classroom discussions about the things they shared. Padlet Mini will make it a bit easier for students to share links, images, and videos. By the way, when you view YouTube videos through Padlet you don't see any of the "related" videos that are in the sidebars on YouTube.