Wednesday, August 27, 2014

ClassDojo's Messenger App Now Supports Voice Messages

Two weeks ago ClassDojo launched a stand-alone messenger app. The app allows you to send messages from your mobile device to your students and their parents. The messenger app protects the privacy of you and your students by not relying on your cell phone number to send messages.

Today, ClassDojo announced the addition of voice messages to the messenger app. Voice notes in the ClassDojo messenger app can be sent to individuals or to groups of students and parents. The voice option is still in beta so you will need to sign-up here to receive early access.

Applications for Education
Text messages are great because they're quick and easy to send and receive. That said, there are times when voice does a better job of conveying your message. Sending a voice message could be a better option than a text message when you want to convey your enthusiasm for the improvement that a student is making in your classroom.

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