Monday, August 11, 2014

Dozens of Math Games for Primary / Elementary School Students

The math section of the Woodlands Junior School's games website offers dozens of mathematics games for elementary school students. The games are organized according to skill sets. The categories are measuring skills, number skills, shape and space skills, and data skills. Many of the games that you will find on the Woodlands Resources site are appropriate for use on interactive whiteboards and touchscreen computers.

In addition to the mathematics games Woodlands Resources includes sections for science and literacy games. The first couple of science games links that I clicked led to pages that had been moved so I'm not sure how often the science section is updated. The literacy section features games that use British English so teachers of American students may not find them all that useful.

Applications for Education
Elementary school teachers that are looking for some good mathematics games to add to their lists of resources would do well to check out the links on the Woodlands Resources site. While none of the games are ground-breaking in what they offer, they are fine as fun practice activities for kids.