Friday, August 8, 2014

Save the Trees - Try These Tools to Conserve Paper in School

The new school year has arrived for many and is arriving soon for others. That means that soon network printers in schools all across the land will be filled with papers printed and forgotten. Some printing seems to be unavoidable while other printing, like that 33 page Wikipedia article to capture two paragraphs, is completely avoidable. Here are some services that can help you and your students conserve paper in your school.

When you receive a document in email that needs to be signed, don't print it. Instead of printing it try using HelloSign. HelloSign is a free tool for digitally signing documents. HelloSign can be used as a Chrome extension, as a Gmail plug-in, as an iOS app, or as an Android app. The service is free to use for three documents per month. You can earn additional documents by inviting colleagues to use HelloSign.

Printliminator is a handy little bookmarklet for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Printliminator allows you to highlight a webpage and select only the elements which you wish to print. You can install Printliminator in seconds by just clicking and dragging it into your browser's toolbar.

Evernote Clearly wasn't specifically designed for saving ink and paper when printing, but that is one of the benefits of using it. Clearly strips the sidebar content of a webpage. You can send the cleaned-up version directly to your Evernote account for easy reading whenever you open your Evernote account. You can print the cleaned-up article from your Evernote account.

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