Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Lingua.ly Adds Support for Importing Word Lists

Lingua.ly is a free service that is designed to help its users learn a new language while browsing the web. The Lingua.ly web app gives you the option add words from reading suggestions or manually enter words to study. The web app contains a game aspect that features weekly leader boards and points for different behaviors. Users can earn points for things like for looking up a word from a reading suggestions and for successful practice completion.

The latest update to Lingua.ly allows you to import a word or list of words that you are studying. The web app will then search for articles that contain the words you are studying. The purpose of Lingua.ly is to help you see words in the context of everyday articles and this update will help you do that.

Applications for Education
Teachers can use the latest Lingua.ly feature to enter vocabulary lists and then generate updated content suggestions from all over the web that contain those words. Teachers can further sort the articles by categories to find the most relevant articles for their students.