Saturday, September 6, 2014

Project Based Assignments and Providing Meaningful Feedback Through WeLearnedIt

Earlier this week I featured Adam Bellow's new iPad app WeLearnedIt. In that post I mentioned that Adam would be hosting a webinar on Thursday evening. The recording of the webinar is now available to watch online. In the webinar Adam covers the features of WeLearnedIt that can be useful in giving students feedback on their projects and portfolios. The webinar recording is embedded below.

WeLearnedIt offers many of the great features of eduClipper that you currently enjoy along with additional digital portfolio elements. Through the WeLearnedIt iPad app you and your students can create digital portfolios that contain files from Google Drive, Dropbox, links from the web, images and videos captured with your iPad, and whiteboard videos created within the WeLearnedIt app.

Disclosure: I have a small advisory and equity interest in eduClipper.