Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Access More Than 1,000 Socrative Quizzes Sorted by Subject

One of the nice administrative aspects of Socrative is the ability to share quizzes with colleagues and import quizzes that are shared with you. This morning on the Socrative Facebook page I found their massive spreadsheet of more than 1,000 shared quizzes. The spreadsheet is arranged by subject and grade level. You can find a quiz by opening the filter menu and selecting a subject. Once you have found a quiz you can import it into your Socrative account. Click here for directions on that process.

Socrative is accepting submissions for more quizzes to be added to their spreadsheet. You can submit your quiz here.

To create a copy of the Socrative quizzes spreadsheet, sign into your Google account and select "make copy" from the file menu while viewing the spreadsheet.

Disclosure: Socrative's new parent company, MasteryConnect, is an advertiser on this blog.

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