Saturday, October 4, 2014

Learn About the Science of Sound on Sound Uncovered

In my previous post I shared a video explanation of how we hear our voices compared to how others hear our voices. Writing that post reminded of me a nice iPad app from Exploratorium. Sound Uncovered is a free iPad app all about sound. In Sound Uncovered students can explore a series of interactive activities to learn about how sound travels and what makes us perceive sounds in the ways that we do.

Some of the highlights of the Sound Uncovered app are Find the Highest Note in which students play a series of notes to determine if there is a highest note (spoiler alert: there isn't, but your ears will tell you otherwise). How Old Are Your Ears? is an interactive that explains why we lose hearing as we age. The Beat Goes On. And Off, And On... is an interactive in which students play a couple of different notes and learn how those notes are used my musicians to tune instruments.

Applications for Education
Sound Uncovered could be a great application to use to help students understand what they are hearing in an introductory music lesson. The app also offers opportunities for science lessons.

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