Monday, October 20, 2014

Organize Your Thoughts With Google Keep

Google Keep is an interesting digital sticky note service that is available as a website, as a Chrome app, and as an Android app. On Google Keep you can create sticky notes to use simple text notes, as bookmarks, or as reminders with dates and times. You can color code your notes and arrange them by dragging and dropping them into any order you like. And like most things in your Google Account all of the notes in your Google Keep account will sync across all of your devices.

Applications for Education
Today, I spent the day at a workshop run by Chris Brogan. The workshop wasn't about technology, but I did pick up a neat idea about Google Keep. Chris was using Google Keep for his outline of talking points. Until today, I hadn't thought about Google Keep in this way. Using the color-coding aspect of notes in Google Keep could be a nice way for students to construct an outline for a research paper or presentation.