Thursday, November 6, 2014

Now You Can Use Haiku Deck Within SlideShare

Haiku Deck is a fantastic tool for creating slideshows on your iPad or in your web browser. Today, Haiku Deck announced that you can now use their slideshow creation tool within SlideShare. This integration allows you to create slideshows within your SlideShare account. All of the features that you would find in Haiku Deck's web app are include in the SlideShare version of the app. Your completed slideshows are automatically published in your SlideShare account. You can choose to make your slideshows public or private in your SlideShare account.

If you haven't tried Haiku Deck's web app, take a look at my short tutorial video here.

Applications for Education
There are two features of Haiku Deck that stand-out in classroom settings. First, Haiku Deck offers an integrated Creative Commons image search tool. That image search allows your students to find images to use in their presentations without having to exit the app to search for images. Second, Haiku Deck limits the amount of text that students can place on each slide.

Haiku Deck's new integration with SlideShare allows you and your students to quickly share your presentations with each other and the world. Click here to try Haiku Deck within SlideShare.