Thursday, December 4, 2014

HSTRY - Create Multimedia Timelines in an Online Classroom

Last night I posted a chart comparing the features of five free multimedia timeline creation tools. Thanks to a comment by Robert McNulty on the FreeTech4Teachers Facebook page I learned about a fantastic new timeline creation tool. HSTRY is a multimedia timeline creation tool that will work on your laptop, Chromebook, iPad, or tablet.

With a HSTRY account you can build timelines in a vertical scroll format similar to that of a Facebook feed. To start the process pick a topic and upload a cover photo. To add events to the timeline just click the "+" symbol and select the type of media that you want to add to your timeline. You can add videos, images, audio, and text to the events on your timeline.

Applications for Education
There are two features of HSTRY that make it stand-out from the crowd. First, as a teacher you can create an online classroom in which you can view all of your students' timelines. Second, as a teacher you can build questions into timelines that you share with your students. You can even build-in explanations of the answers to your questions.

HSTRY is free to use to create and share timelines. They do offer some pre-made timelines for sale.