Wednesday, December 10, 2014 - Broadcast Your Slides to Everyone In the Room is a neat service for sharing slideshow presentations. Through you can broadcast your slides to the laptops and iPads of everyone in the room with you. To broadcast your slides you must first upload them to After uploading your slides will provide you with a link to share with your audience. When people use your link they will be able to follow your slides on their laptops or iPads. An alternative way for people to join your slideshow is to visit and allow to access their location after which they will see your slides. (Note, that feature only works when you're audience is in close proximity to you).

Applications for Education
Using could be a good way to keep your students on the same slide that you're projecting. Likewise, provides a good way for students to share with classmates. A chat feature is built into Students could use the chat feature to ask clarifying questions about each slide that they see.