Friday, December 5, 2014 - Another Good Source of Creative Commons-licensed Pictures

It is not a secret that Pixabay is my favorite place to find pictures for slideshows and blog posts. As good as Pixabay is, sometimes I need to branch in my quest for quality images. is a new-to-me place to find Creative Commons-licensed images. According to's homepage, all of the images are hand-chosen from Flickr's library of Creative Commons-licensed images. The images are arranged into five categories; nature, landscape, food, urban, and a generic "stuff" category. You can also use the search box to locate images.

Applications for Education
The manual curation of images makes a good alternative to having students search on Flickr. Remember that the images on have Creative Commons licenses so you will need to remind students to give proper attribution to the owners of the images that they download.

Thanks to Aaron Robb for sending me an email about