Sunday, February 16, 2014

Coffee and Goats

Like millions of other people nothing can make or break my morning like a good cup of coffee or its absence. My standard for good coffee is low, it just needs to be hot and made within the last six hours. What is it about coffee that gives it so much power in our lives? The following short video has that answer. The video also contains a story about goats and coffee that I had never heard before.

Happy coffee drinking!

Free Webinar - A Teacher's Guide to Backchannels and Informal Assessments

Last year I created and published A Teacher's Guide to Backchannels and Informal Assessment. That free guide explains what a backchannel is, why you might want to use a backchannel in your classroom, and provides directions for using three backchannel tools in your classroom. Next Sunday, February 23 at 6pm EST I am going to conduct a free webinar about backchannels and informal assessment in the classroom.

The webinar will be recorded and published here on Free Technology for Teachers for those who cannot attend the live session. Click here to register for the webinar.