Monday, February 17, 2014

Design an Olympic Diet

A couple of years ago there were lots of stories about the massive amounts of food that athletes like Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps consumed during training. Are diets like theirs the norm among Olympic athletes? What do athletes in endurance events eat? The answers to questions like those and more can be found in this ASAP Science video, The Olympic Diet.
Applications for Education
After watching the video have students in a health, nutrition, or science class develop a menu to meet the needs of athletes competing in their favorite Olympic events.

Curriki Geometry Goes Mobile

Last October Curriki launched a set of project based learning activities for geometry students. This month Curriki revamped their geometry site to accommodate viewing on mobile phones, iPads, and Android tablets.

Curriki's geometry course features six PBL projects. Each of the projects is aligned to Common Core Standards. The course is not a self-directed course for students. The course is designed to be taught by mathematics teachers who want to incorporate PBL. The projects in the course can be used in sequence or used as stand-alone units. All materials needed for leading the projects are included available on the Curriki site. You will have to create an account and sign-in in order to access the materials. Curriki accounts are free.

In reading over the project descriptions the one that intrigues me the most is the House of the Future project. In the House of the Future students watch a short TED Talk about the future of housing then formulate their own predictions for the future of housing design. After making predictions students use geometric modeling to design a building that supports their predictions.

Create Trending Vocabulary Lessons

Merriam-Webster's website has a neat feature called Trend Watch that highlights words that are trending in news and popular culture. Trend Watch includes an explanation of why each word is trending, a definition for the word, and a picture that is representative of either the word or the cause of the trend.

Applications for Education
Trend Watch could be a good source of words to include in the vocabulary lists students are studying in a language arts course. Trend Watch words could provide a good tie-in with a current events lesson.

Because of the wide variety of words that pop-up in Trend Watch I probably wouldn't send younger students to the site on their own. Instead I would bookmark the list and select appropriate words for my students.

H/T to Larry Ferlazzo

Puffins and Fractions

Last fall Planet Nutshell started a new series of math videos for elementary school students. The latest installment in the series combines a lesson about nesting puffins with a lesson about fractions. Like all of the videos in the Planet Nutshell Math Shorts series, this video includes alignment to Common Core standards.

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