Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Show Students How Much of the World Lives Through "The Places We Live"

The Places We Live is a powerful collection of images, sounds, and stories of life in four of the world's poorest slums. The introduction to The Places We Live starts with a slideshow containing statistics from the UN regarding the world's population that lives in slums and the UN definition of the term slum.

After the introduction, The Places We Live gives users a choice of four city slums to learn more about. The cities are Caracas, Venezuela; Jakarta, Indonesia; Nairobi, Kenya; and Mumbai, India.

Applications for Education
The Places We Live could be a good tool for teaching students about poverty around the world. You may want to use The Places We Live in conjunction with the question, "what obligation do wealthier countries have to help poorer countries?"

Five Fun Classroom Uses of Comics

Earlier this evening I hosted a free webinar sponsored by StoryboardThat. StoryBoardThat provides a good way to create comics without having to draw. You can simply select artwork from StoryboardThat's gallery of more than 40,000 items to drag and drop into the frames of your story. The slides from the webinar are embedded below. The recording of the webinar will be available tomorrow.

Energy 101: Electricity Generation and Lessons on Electricity

Energy Now News is a YouTube channel featuring videos about energy in the news and educational videos about electricity. Energy 101: Electricity Generation covers the process of producing electricity and getting it to homes and businesses.

You could use the video as part of a lesson on electricity. In that same lesson you might want to have students learn about how electricity is produced and delivered to their homes. Hydro to Home is an interactive story of hydro-electric power from raindrops to homes. The story walks visitors through each step of the process of generating hydro-electric power and delivering to consumers' homes. The story is narrated and along the way there are interactive images that visitors can click on to learn even more information about hydro-electric power.

After students understand how electricity can be generated and delivered to their homes, introduce them to The Blobz Guide to Electric CircuitsThe Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits is a neat series of interactive animations designed to help students of elementary and middle school age learn how electric circuits work. There are five sections to the series. Each sections builds upon the lessons of the previous section. The series starts with the basics of what makes a circuit complete and concludes with diagramming and building circuits. Each section in the series has a few short lessons and is followed by an animated interactive activity to which students can apply what they have just learned.

April's Most Popular Posts on Free Technology for Teachers

Practical Ed Tech Summer Camp
July 14-15, 2014
Good evening from Woodstock, Maine where it is a balmy 37F on the last day of April.  This month I published 108 new posts. As I do at the end of every month, I've put together a list of the ten most popular posts of the month. I publish this list because it gives people a chance to see things that they might have missed earlier in the month.

Here are this month's most popular posts:
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2. 5 Ways for Students to Showcase Their Best Work
3. 5 Tools That Help Students Organize Research and Create Bibliographies
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5. Methods for Projecting YouTube Videos Without "Related" Videos
6. Science Games and an Interactive Periodic Table
7. Three Good Resources for Helping Students Learn About and Write Poetry
8. Five Visual Dictionaries and Thesauri for Students
9. Tackk - Create Webpages for Announcements, Assignments, and Digital Portfolios
10. Chalkup - Distribute & Grade Assignments in Google Drive Without Using Scripts

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