Thursday, May 15, 2014

Pest World for Kids Pest Quest - Games and Videos About Insects and Rodents

Pest World for Kids is a fun educational website for students in elementary school and middle school. Pest World for Kids has a great index of pests which includes information on what they look like, where they are found, and how to prevent pest infestations.

Since the last time that I visited Pest World for Kids a series of short, educational videos has been added to the site. Pest Quest is a series of short videos about insects and rodents. The first episode in the series is embedded below.

The Pest World for Kids website has four fun educational games that students will enjoy playing as they learn about insects and rodents. In the teacher section of Pest World for Kids, teachers will find lesson plans to accompany a couple of the educational games. The lesson plans are tied to standards from the National Science Teachers Association. Students and teachers will also find science fair project ideas and research essay ideas on Pest World for Kids.

Applications for Education
Pest World for Kids is a great resource for teachers and students in elementary school and middle school. The educational games will draw students into the website and pique their interest in bugs and rodents. The lesson plans and science fair projects provide teachers with a means to capitalize on the students' interest.