Sunday, August 10, 2014

PDF - Ten Popular Ed Tech Tools That Were Updated This Summer

A couple of weeks ago I published a round-up of popular ed tech tools that were updated this summer. I had a couple of readers ask if they could print the post to pass out in their schools. Yes, you can. To make it easier to print I put the post into PDF format. In creating the PDF I changed some of the "click here" items to written URLs for finding video demonstrations of updated features. The PDF is embedded below, you can also click here for the PDF.

NASA Explains the Supermoon and Perseid Meteors

If you go outside tonight you may notice that the full moon is brighter than usual. This unusually bright moon is referred to as the Supermoon. In the Science At NASA video embedded below we learn why the Supermoon is so bright tonight. The same video also explains Perseid meteor showers and why they might not be quite as visible tonight as on other nights.

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