Saturday, December 27, 2014

5 Blog Platforms for Teachers Compared In One Chart

Maintaining a blog is my first suggestion whenever I am asked to give a recommendation for a good way to keep parents informed about what is happening in classrooms. The blog can be updated by teachers or by students and teachers. To help teachers decide which blogging platform could be best for them and their students, I created the following chart. The chart compares eight key elements of five common blogging platforms.

You can download this chart as a PDF through this link or click here to see it as a Google Document.

This is the eighth comparison chart in the series of PDFs that I have been creating in the hopes that they provide people with a quick way to select the best tools for them. This little project started because I am often asked to recommend "the best tool for X." Unfortunately, it is difficult to definitively state that one tool is the best because there are so many variables to account for in making that judgement. The age of your students, the technology that you have access to, your instructional goals are all factors that can influence what the best tool is for you. What's best in my situation and what's best in yours can be quite different. Hopefully, these charts will help you select the best tools for you and your students. The other charts are linked below.

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The Week in Review - The Week's Most Popular Posts

Max enjoys his new toy.
Good evening from Maine where we enjoyed some unseasonably warm weather today. This week the number of posts was down a bit as I took some time to enjoy Christmas with my family. I hope that all of you have enjoyed some downtime this week too. Next week is traditionally the slowest week of the year for web traffic. Next week will feature the 25 most popular posts of the year.

Here are this week's most popular posts:
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In January I am offering an online course titled Blogging and Social Media for Teachers and School Leaders. Graduate credit is available for the course. 

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