Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Using TodaysMeet to Enhance Jigsaw Reading Activities

A few nights ago my friend Jess sent me a Facebook message in which she asked for my help in organizing a group discussion that she has to lead as part of a graduate course she's taking. She's a nurse, not a teacher so leading a group discussion is a bit out of her comfort zone. I quickly put together a little outline for her to follow. In that outline I recommended using TodaysMeet to provide people with a place to share ideas and respond to prompts associated with articles that she's distributing to the group. The exact outline is copied below.
  1. Provide the short readings to the group.
  2. Ask people to read and discuss with the person next to him/her.
  3. Have questions about the article for people to discuss.
  4. Ask people to go online to (obviously, change the room name to something appropriate for your situation) to enter comments about the article/ answer questions/ ask questions. That forum gives shy people a place to express themselves without having to speak to the whole group. The forum also gives you a place to find content to bring into the conversation.

A video of TodaysMeet's features is embedded below.

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