Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Chalkup - Grade Assignments in Google Apps for Edu Without Using Scripts

Last spring (in the Northern Hemisphere) I wrote a review of a slick service called Chalkup. At that time I described Chalkup as "combining the best of Edmodo with the best of Google Drive." A couple of months later Google Classroom was launched and some of the features of Chalkup became redundant. Well Chalkup has adjusted and again offers some features that aren't available and or aren't easy to find in Google Classroom. For example, while you can attach rubrics to assignments in Google Classroom, Chalkup streamlines that process.

Chalkup integrates with your Google Apps for Education account. When you use Chalkup you can quickly share assignments with your students much like you would do with Google Classroom. Where Chalkup shines is in the assessment side of assignment management. Through Chalkup your students can submit assignments to you and you can comment, highlight and draw on their Google Documents. You can also give them a rubric-based numeric grade for their assignments. Learn more about the Chalkup and Google Apps for Edu integration by watching the video embedded below.