Monday, March 23, 2015

Now Google Docs Add-ons Can Be Distributed by Domain Admins

Add-ons is one of the best features that Google has added to Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms in the last year. Until now Add-ons installation was controlled by individual users within a domain. Domain administrators could turn off the option, but couldn't push Add-ons to their users' accounts. As of late last week Google Apps administrators can now push Add-ons to their users' accounts.

Currently, not every Add-on can be distributed by administrators. Add-on developers have to enable domain-wide distribution of their Add-ons. Add-ons that are enabled for domain-wide distribution will appear in the Google Apps Marketplace.

Applications for Education
Being able to distribute Google Docs Add-ons across a domain should make it a little easier for administrators to get all of their faculty members using tools that can help them streamline workflow and take advantage of features that might otherwise go overlooked by teachers.

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