Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wistia - A Great Video Hosting Platform

YouTube can be a good place to host videos that you and your students have made. However, that doesn't do you much good if your school blocks YouTube. Furthermore, YouTube can and will insert video over and or next your videos (that's the trade-off for a free service). If you want another place to host your videos, take a look at Wistia.

Wistia is a video hosting service designed for businesses, I use it to host my webinar recordings, but it does offer a free plan for new users. Wistia's free plan allows you to host up to 50 videos at a time. You can host HD videos and videos of nearly unlimited length. Wistia also provides a wide range of customizations that you can apply to your embedded videos.

Visit Wistia's learning center for tips on producing great videos.

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