Thursday, April 30, 2015

Explore History Through Project Writer

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When BoomWriter started out it was simple platform for collaboratively creating fiction stories. Over the last couple of years it has steadily grown by adding WordWriter and ProjectWriter into the mix.

WordWriter is a BoomWriter service through which students practice using vocabulary words in context. ProjectWriter is a service through which students can collaboratively write reports while using vocabulary terms and dates that you have assigned to them. The benefit of using ProjectWriter for this process is that you get to see each student's contributions to the project in your teacher dashboard. You can give feedback to students individually or you can give feedback to the whole group.

Applications for Education
One the ways ProjectWriter could be used in a history class is to have students collaborate on the creation of a biography. For example, students could collaborate on the creation of a biography of George Washington. Create the project and assign students to write about the beginning, middle, and end years of Washington's. In the vocabulary list for the project you can include dates that you want students to mention, names of battles, and terms related to legislation that Washington signed as President.

Check out the ProjectWriter history page for more ideas about using ProjectWriter in social studies lessons.