Wednesday, April 8, 2015

New Pre-K Videos Added to Planet Nutshell's Teacher Library

Planet Nutshell is a video production company that has produced dozens of excellent educational videos for teachers and students over the last few years. I was first hooked on their productions by watching their series on Internet Safety. Since then they have steadily added more great content. The latest update to Planet Nutshell's Teacher Library is a series of videos for preschool students.

Planet Nutshell's Preschool Videos were commissioned by Kentucky Educational Television. The series (four videos currently, four more on the way) features short stories intended to teach students simple lessons about routines, shapes, counting, and time. I've embedded one of the videos below.

Two Days Away from Planet Nutshell on Vimeo.

In Planet Nutshell's Teacher Library you will also find great videos on Financial AidClimate ScienceHealthMathematics, and Physics.