Friday, May 1, 2015

Leave Audio Comments for Students In Their Digital Portfolios on SeeSaw

Disclosure: SeeSaw's parent company is an advertiser on

Seesaw is a free iPad app through which students can create a portfolio to document the things they have learned. Students can add artifacts to their portfolios by taking pictures of their work (in the case of a worksheet or other physical item), by writing about what they've learned, or by shooting a short video to record something they have learned. Students can add voice comments to their pictures to clarify what their pictures document.

This week SeeSaw was updated with four new features. The most significant of those features being the option for teachers to leave audio comments on items in their students' digital portfolios. Finding items in students' digital portfolios got a little easier this week with the addition of a calendar view in SeeSaw. You can now search for students' portfolio items by date instead of just title. Speaking of portfolio items, students can now add add links to web pages or other creations that don't reside on the camera rolls of their iPads. The fourth update was the addition of an option to use the front-facing camera as well as the back-facing camera.

To get started with Seesaw create a free classroom account. Students join the classroom by scanning a QR code (you will have to print it or project it) that grants them access to your Seesaw classroom. As the teacher you can see and sort all of your students' Seesaw submissions. SeeSaw allows parents to create accounts through which they can see the work of their children. As a teacher you can send notifications to parents when their children make a new SeeSaw submission.

Learn all about how to use SeeSaw in the videos contained in the playlist below.