Friday, July 17, 2015

An Interactive Video Series About the Search for the Northwest Passage

Journey Into the Arctic is a neat choose-your-own-adventure series of videos about the search for the Northwest Passage. The series of videos, produced by Canadian Heritage, puts viewers in the role of an explorer leaving England in the 19th century to search for the Northwest Passage. At the end of each segment in the series viewers have to make decisions about navigation and logistical concerns. Each decision will lead to another segment in which viewers can continue or turn back in the exploration.

Applications for Education
Journey Into the Arctic could be a nice resource to use in an elementary school history or geography lesson.

The series itself is a good example of how you can build an interactive video series in YouTube through YouTube annotations. Click here to learn how to use YouTube annotations.

Thanks to Jen Deyenberg for sharing Journey Into the Arctic on Twitter.

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