Tuesday, July 21, 2015

New Tagging and Discovery Features Added to eduClipper

A few weeks ago I shared a video of eduClipper's founder, Adam Bellow, talking about some new features being developed for the app. This morning those features went live.

These are the new features of eduClipper that you'll see when you update the free iPad app. 

1. eduClipper now has a new start-up tutorial for users. The tutorial makes it easier than ever before to start using the app efficiently.

2. The free eduClipper iPad app now has a featured content section showcasing the most popular content and content contributors on the service.

3. You can now add subject category tags to everything that you save in the app. The tags will make it easier to organize and find shared resources.

4. If you want to share content from your eduClipper account to Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest, you can now do that with the sharing function built into eduClipper. 
Disclosure: I have a small advisory role with eduClipper.