Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Realtime Board Offers Collaborative Brainstorming Tools on Your Laptop and Tablet

Realtime Board is a platform for hosting online, collaborative brainstorming sessions. I've been using it off and on since it launched a few years ago. Recently, Realtime Board shifted to using HTML5 which means that it now works equally well on your laptop and on your iPad or Android tablet.

Realtime Board provides a blank canvas on which you can type, draw, and post pictures. You can connect elements on your boards through a simple linking tool. The boards that you create on Realtime Board can be shared publicly or privately. To help you communicate with your collaborators Realtime Board has a chat function built into every board.

Applications for Education
Realtime Board's switch to using HTML5 makes it a good platform for hosting online collaborative brainstorming sessions in classrooms that have BYOD programs or any classroom that has a mix of tablets, Chromebooks, and laptops.

Realtime Board grants teachers and students access to all premium features for free. In order to get the premium features for free you do need to complete the form here.