Thursday, August 6, 2015

ClassDojo Introduces a New Way to Communicate With Parents

A few weeks ago ClassDojo added a new feature for creating student groups within your ClassDojo classrooms. In that post I teased that more frequently requested features would be added to ClassDojo before summer's end. This week ClassDojo added another of those features in the form of what they're calling Class Story.

ClassDojo's Class Story is a feature intended to help you keep parents informed about what's happening in your classroom. Class Story provides a wall onto which you can post text and image updates for parents. Only parents whose students are in your classroom can see the updates and they cannot share them outside of the ClassDojo environment. Parents can "like" your posts on the Class Story wall. As a teacher you can see which parents have read the Class Story updates and which ones have not read the updates.

Applications for Education
ClassDojo Class Story could be a good supplement to using ClassDojo's messenger service. The Class Story feature is good for sharing the highlights of a class project or field trip. The messenger app is good for one-on-one communication with parents. Class Story will be available in the ClassDojo iOS, Android, and web apps. Click here to register for access today.

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