Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Students Learn the Alphabet Through Alphabet Organizer

Alphabet Organizer is a free resource produced by Read Write Think for the purpose of helping students learn the alphabet and learn new words. Alphabet Organizer is available as an iPad app, as an Android app, and as a web-based tool.

When you first open the app you will be asked to create a user profile. Multiple profiles can be created on the same installation of the app. Creating a profile only asks for a first name and that name could be a pseudonym.

Once you have created a profile or selected a profile on Alphabet Organizer you are ready to start building alphabet charts and books. In the first screen you will given the choice of making simple word lists or making word lists with pictures and definitions. Should you choose to use pictures you will have to find the pictures somewhere outside of the app and import them to the app. You can make lists for every letter of the alphabet or make lists for just a few letters at a time. After making your lists you can move on to having those lists used in printable charts or picture book pages.

Applications for Education
Read Write Think offers an extensive list of lesson plans that incorporate Alphabet Organizer.

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