Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Our Favorite Animals - A Google Slides Introduction

I've had the opportunity to introduce Google Slides to students as young as first grade. Our Favorite Animals is the title of one of my go-to activities for teaching Google Slides to young students. Here's how the activity works.

1. I create a set of slides that are blank except for the first one on which I include a picture of an animal and one thing that I like about the animal. I also put each student's name on a slide so that they know whose slide is whose.

2. Depending upon the age and reading skills of the students I will either show them the "research" function under the "tools" drop-down menu or send them to Photosforclass.com to find pictures of their favorite animals. If they use Photosforclass.com to find and save pictures we'll then drag them on slides. If they use the research function to find images they will drag and drop from the search results to their slides. (Bear in mind, the drag and drop option only works on a laptop or Chromebook).

3. After inserting their images student will write one thing that they like about their favorite animal.

4. I'll take some time to allow students who want to speak, speak about their slides.

Bear in mind, I have never taught primary/ elementary school as a full-time job (high school is my forte). This is an activity that I've used when I've been a guest in elementary school classrooms with a teacher who wants to learn about Google Slides. You may need to modify this activity for your elementary/ primary students. I've shared it only because it has been successful for me.

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