Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Plickers Adds New Features to Help You Organize Your Classes and Questions

Plickers is one of my favorite tools for quickly gathering feedback from students. Students hold up QR codes (I have mine laminated) to respond to your prompts. You use your iOS or Android device to scan the students' cards and see their answers on your screen. This method allows you to have all students respond to your questions without their classmates knowing their answers because all they see are their classmates holding cards that look nearly identical. Since it launched eighteen months ago, Plickers has become quite popular in schools.

Recently, Plickers added a couple of helpful new features for teachers. You can now create folders inside your Plickers account. Creating folders will allow you to organize your saved questions. The other update is a new questions queue that you can utilize for each of the classes you've created in your Plickers account. The questions queue will allow you to arrange questions into the sequence in which you plan to use them during a class meeting or over the course of multiple class meetings.

Applications for Education
These updates to Plickers don't change anything about how students will use Plickers. However, the enhanced organization features could help your class run a little more smoothly when you do decide to use Plickers to gather responses from students.