Friday, October 23, 2015

Another Place to Find Google Slides Templates

In my recent post about creating certificates in Google Slides I featured the Google Slides template gallery. The Slides and Drive template galleries are my go-to places for templates. Yesterday, Craig Badura tipped me off on another place to find Google Slides templates.

Slides Carnival is a website that offers dozens of Google Slides templates. Provided that you are signed into your Google Account, each template can be saved to your Google Drive account by simply clicking the "use this presentation template" button that appears below each template. Once you have saved the template you can modify the content to suit your needs. I've embedded an example one of the Slides Carnival templates below.

Applications for Education
Slides Carnival isn't going to change the way students present, but it does offer a nice alternative to seeing the same old templates over and over again.

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