Thursday, November 5, 2015

An Easy Way to Store and Move Instructional Videos

In the past I have shared directions for privately sharing videos through Google Drive. That is a great way to store and share videos, but there are other methods available. One of those is to use YouTube as a video storage service. You can store videos in your YouTube account even if you don't make them public. You can download your videos at anytime as MP4 files. In that way YouTube can serve as a video file converter. My friend and colleague Rod Berger recently used this method to convert some AVI files to MP4 files.
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Applications for Education
If your school doesn't use Google Apps for Education, your Google Drive storage space could quickly get used up by video files (GAFE users have unlimited storage). Use YouTube as a place to store your flipped video lessons. You can keep them private until you need students to view them.